"Ever since I tried Rezztek® few years back I felt big improvements immediately. Since then I only use Rezztek®."

— Zdeno Chara

"Everything in the game of hockey is evolving, yet tape stayed the same. Rezztek® is a step in the right direction and I enjoy using it."

— David Kampf

“Making the switch to Rezztek® has been the best decision I’ve made. My stick is so much lighter and my shot and hands are so much quicker.“

— Alex Carpenter

"I really like the feeling on the ice with Rezztek®. I feel the puck way more and my shot is better as well. I can use it for 2-3 games which is really nice. I love this stuff!"

— Alexandre Texier

How to apply Rezztek®

Do not apply Rezztek® without watching the instructional video to get the best results. When properly applied, Rezztek® lasts up to  8-10 sessions. Replace your Rezztek® when at least 30% of its surface is damaged. In case of any issues please refer to our Warranty program.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

I have seen NHL players using this so i thought I would try it, I could already tell a difference with the feel and handle of the puck and it popped off a bit faster with my shot. Two thumbs up

Nate Drake
Good stuff!

I saw Bertuzzi using this and wanted to give it a go. Took a bit of getting used to but definitely good benefits to the product. Less ice and snow buildup, better control and feels like more zip on my shot. Plus, putting my team's logo on the custom version kills!

Eduard Ha.

Love it !!!

Great product

Did try it with my new stick. Can not be happier. Curious to see how long it lasts.

Craig C.

Easy to apply Good feel Only negative is it doesn’t protect the heel of the blade like tape

Adam O.

I love the product itself it was perfect when it came in but a downside would be it just took a long time to ship

Petri S.

So smooth and accurated puckhandling just by using Rezztek!

R L.

Love the feel! Love my applied team logo on it! Will not hesitate to restock when I'm out. I SAY TRY IT, and join the Rezztek fam

Denis B.

Fantastic product. Not cheap, but useful.

Jirka j.

excellent product, excellent seller